Top Amenities Desired by Renters in Washington, D.C.
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Top Amenities Desired by Renters in Washington, D.C.

Making the decision to move is a significant one that involves careful consideration of many factors. Key amongst these is the kind of amenities you would want in your new apartment or home. Each individual has unique requirements. While an ardent chef might prioritize a modern, well-equipped kitchen, a fashion enthusiast might not settle for anything less than walk-in closets.

Here, we look at the most sought-after amenities by renters in Washington, D.C., based on a 2016 survey.

> Utilities Included: 20.4%

> Washer/Dryer: 17.2%

> Air Conditioning: 9.4%

> Patio or Balcony: 5.5%

> Dishwasher: 4.8%

> Walk-in Closets: 3.7%

> Cable or Satellite: 3.1%

> Fitness Center: 2.8%

> Microwave: 2.4%

> Wireless Internet Access: 2.3%

> Washer/Dryer Hookup: 2.3%

> Pool: 2.1%

> Public Transportation : 2.0%

> Laundry Facility: 1.9%

> Garages: 1.9%

Taking a closer look at these sought-after amenities, it's clear that D.C. renters prioritize practicality and comfort. At the top of the list are all-inclusive utilities and in-unit washers and dryers, closely followed by air conditioning—a must-have given D.C.'s hot summers. Outdoor spaces like patios or balconies, dishwashers, and walk-in closets also feature in the top five amenities.

Surprisingly, a washer/dryer hookup comes in at #10, indicating that if renters can't have a washer/dryer in their unit, they appreciate the ability to purchase and install their own. Similarly, an on-site laundry facility is ranked #14, showing the importance of laundry facilities for D.C. residents.

Other desired amenities include cable or satellite TV, fitness centers, microwaves, and Wi-Fi. Even the access to public transportation, pools, and garages make the list, albeit in the lower ranks.

Having this knowledge of what amenities D.C. renters value most, whether you're a property manager or a prospective tenant, can greatly enhance your rental experience. Property managers can better curate their offerings, making their properties more attractive to prospective tenants. Meanwhile, renters can use this information to streamline their search, focusing on homes that meet their amenity criteria. In the bustling city of Washington, D.C., understanding these preferences can make all the difference in creating a harmonious and satisfying rental experience.

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