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Managing a property or portfolio of properties takes time, expertise and genuine care. We devote all three to the management of single family homes and condos, multi-family homes, commercial management, and condominium associations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.
Getting STarted

We take the stress out of property management and make it easy to partner with our organization.

Here are the steps to get started with Gordon James:


Get to know us

Schedule time to speak with a member of our team to understand what a partnership with our company looks like.


You set the pace

We understand that selecting a property management company can seem like an intimidating endeavor. We work at your pace and encourage property owners to take their time when making their decision. Our flexible process allows us to set a timeline that meets our client’s needs.


Selectivity helps us succeed

Property management requires an extensive amount of time and resources to establish a successful partnership and provide the services and support our clients expect. To achieve a level of paramount success, we are unable to accept every client. Just as an owner determines which management company to select based on their needs, we perform an evaluation to determine if the property is the right fit for us. This philosophy enables us to provide a superior level of property management service that leads to happier owners.


Starting the partnership

We take pride in making the process to start a relationship a simple one. From the time we receive confirmation to begin the partnership, it only takes us 48 hours to start.


Ensuring continued success

Every partnership is assigned a dedicated account manager to be there every step of the way. Seasoned investors, first time home buyers, condominium associations, and commercial buildings are all given the time and attention needed to ensure success and the industry’s best customer service.

Ready to make the switch?

We're proud to make partnering with us easy. Contact our team to connect with one of our industry experts and get started today.