The Unique Appeal of Living in Arlington, VA
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The Unique Appeal of Living in Arlington, VA

Nestled comfortably between urban vitality and suburban tranquility, Arlington, Virginia, holds a special allure for a diverse population.

Situated just a stone's throw away from D.C across the river, Arlington proposes a tempting proposition for those seeking an escape from the urban hustle without forsaking the historic charm that weaves through this part of the country.

Diverse Housing and Attractions in Arlington

Historical richness and contemporary advancement hold hands in Arlington, particularly visible in its urban centers. The place beckons families, students, daily commuters, and the retired alike with its array of housing choices. High-rise condos, beautifully refurbished townhouses, and enticing single-family homes punctuate its residential landscape. Alongside the lure of dwelling styles, prospective residents are attracted by the convenient Metro access, bustling shopping districts, renowned restaurants, energetic nightlife, and proximity to D.C.'s iconic attractions.

The Vibrant Neighborhoods of Arlington

Take a short 10 to 20-minute journey across the Key Memorial Bridge, and you'll encounter a range of neighborhoods within Arlington. Each carries its unique personality and cultural flavor. For instance, Shirlington, a popular choice among young professionals, comes alive with a rich array of shopping and dining venues. Ballston achieves a harmonious blend of historic essence and modern dynamism, straddling both downtown excitement and suburban serenity. Clarendon stands out for its luxury real estate developments, expanding retail sector, and lively nightlife. Meanwhile, business districts such as Crystal City and Rosslyn uphold the county's commercial heartbeat.

Arlington's Growth and Gentrification

Despite its existing appeal, Arlington County isn't one to rest on its laurels. According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, an estimated 69,000 new residents are expected to call Arlington home by 2045. It underscores a consistent trend of growth and gentrification that has bolstered Arlington's reputation as a residential hotspot. The projections anticipate a surge of around 40% in the number of households by 2045, indicating the addition of over 38,000 new households to the 103,600 recorded in 2015. Given the current patterns, a significant portion of this population will likely seek rental accommodations in Arlington.

Arlington's Real Estate Landscape

Currently, owner-occupants claim 55% of homes in Arlington, leaving 45% for renters. With a median age of 34, family-occupied households account for 40% of the residences. Delta Associates, a real estate analytics firm, predicts average annual rent increases to breach the 4% mark in 2018, with a corresponding drop in vacancy rate to 3.4% in Northern Virginia in September 2018, from 4.1% towards the end of 2015.

Balancing Tradition and Future in Arlington County

Balancing retail, government, commercial, and residential sectors, Arlington County preserves its traditional suburban neighborhoods like Columbia Pike and East Falls Church, even as it embraces the future. One of Arlington's major draws is its esteemed school system, renowned for exceptional educational outcomes and impressive graduation rates. Neighborhood associations actively work to protect and preserve the area, and community programs aim to foster engagement among residents and visitors. With luxury development constantly on the rise, the value of homes in the area is set to soar.

Accessibility and Future Developments in Arlington

For instance, the extensive renovation of Ballston Common Mall, which will introduce open-air plazas and surrounding residential units, promises to enhance the area's appeal. As new Metro stations emerge, and with a host of bike paths, bus routes, and wide sidewalks, Arlington is cementing its status as one of D.C. Metro area's most accessible neighborhoods.

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