Property Management in Washington DC: Living in NoMa
Residential Property Management

Property Management in Washington DC: Living in NoMa

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Washington D.C.'s dynamic neighborhoods.

Throughout this series, we provide key insights and detailed overviews to help you better understand the potential fit of these communities for your prospective tenants. Today, we delve into the unique aspects of NoMa, covering its historical background, distinctive features, local attractions, and the type of tenants attracted to this area.

Facts and Figures

Nestled north of Massachusetts Avenue (hence the name, NoMa), the neighborhood stretches across several other communities, including Near Northeast, Sursum Corda, Truxton Circle, Swampoodle, and Eckington. Statistically speaking, renters occupy around two-thirds of households in NoMa, with the remaining third being owner-occupied. The average household income here stands at over $93,000, as per the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership. With a median resident age of 32.7, NoMa radiates youthful energy and dynamism. A variety of sources such as Urban Turf and The Urban Land Institute provide even more in-depth data about this neighborhood, which has transformed from an industrial area into a hub for residential and commercial development.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

In its late 19th-century beginnings, NoMa was predominantly an Irish refugee community lying west of North Capitol Street. The influx of transit and construction developments during the early 20th century spurred the area's redesign. However, the real metamorphosis happened in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with major revitalization projects reshaping NoMa. Today, the landscape is teeming with luxury apartment buildings, offices, and new construction projects that hint at a bright future. The neighborhood’s unique identity, abundant transportation options, and continuous growth are sure to allure prospective residents.

Neighborhood Features

Boasting over 130 shops and restaurants, NoMa has something for every potential tenant. Restaurants like Rasika, Bistro Bis, Art and Soul, and Ethiopic serve up diverse, mouth-watering cuisines. Moreover, NoMa is Washington D.C.’s first neighborhood to offer free outdoor WiFi, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and creativity. With 13 different transportation methods available, NoMa is one of D.C.’s most transit-friendly areas.

Major Transportation

Transit facilities in NoMa are extensive. The NoMa-Gallaudet U station on the Red Line caters to daily commuters, offering direct connections to the heart of the city. An array of Metrobus routes further strengthens connectivity, with routes 90, 92, 93, 96, 97, 80, P6, D3, D4, D6, D8, X1, and X3 making frequent stops in the neighborhood.

For those preferring the convenience of circular routes, the D.C. Circulator's Georgetown – Union Station and Union Station – Navy Yard routes efficiently connect NoMa to surrounding areas. Inter-city and commuter bus services like the Loudoun County Transit and MTA Commuter buses offer alternatives for long-distance travel.

Additional bus services to the neighborhood are provided by Greyhound, BoltBus, Megabus, DC2NY, Sprinter Bus, and Washington Deluxe. Six car shares are available in the neighborhood through Zipcar, RelayRides, and Hertz On Demand, offering flexibility and convenience for short trips or weekend getaways.

Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the bike share programs through Capital Bikeshare, underscoring NoMa's commitment to green transportation. The neighborhood's high ratings for walkability (92/100), transit (89/100), and biking (87/100) indicate that it is a veritable "walker's paradise," making it attractive to tenants who enjoy an active, transit-friendly lifestyle.

Unique Neighborhood Events

NoMa's vibrant community life is further enriched by a roster of unique local events. The NoMa Farmers Market, held on Thursdays from May to October at Alethia Tanner Park, provides residents with fresh, locally sourced produce.

Community gatherings such as the NoMa Summer Screen film series, Family Film Night in Sursum Corda, an October Pumpkin Carving Party, and the Nerds in NoMa speaker series contribute to the neighborhood's lively cultural calendar. For a complete rundown of local happenings, visit the NoMa Business Improvement District website.

Conclusion: NoMa presents a captivating blend of robust growth, rich history, and urban charm. It's a neighborhood that offers an exceptional lifestyle to residents, and in turn, a significant opportunity to landlords who understand its unique appeal.

Successfully managing property in such a dynamic environment necessitates intimate local knowledge and savvy operational expertise. This is where a property management company with a solid local presence and comprehensive services can prove invaluable. Gordon James Realty, with its extensive experience in the DC market, offers tailored solutions designed to optimize your property's potential while addressing the specific needs of the NoMa market.

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