Property Management in DC: Living in Southwest Waterfront
Residential Property Management

Property Management in DC: Living in Southwest Waterfront

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Washington D.C.'s dynamic neighborhoods.

Throughout this series, we provide key insights and detailed overviews to help you better understand the potential fit of these communities for your prospective tenants. Today, we delve into the unique aspects of the Southwest Waterfront and Navy Yard neighborhood, covering its historical background, distinctive features, local attractions, and the type of tenants attracted to this area.

Facts and Figures

In the Southwest Waterfront/Navy Yard area, an impressive 85 percent of homes are renter-occupied, and only 6 percent are owner-occupied. This is great for landlords because the area is a haven for renters, which underscores the vitality and appeal of the neighborhood. However, it also means there is more competition to attract and retain quality tenants. On average, there are two residents per home, and the annual residential turnover is 11 percent. These statistics demonstrate a fairly stable community, with residents spending a median of three years in the neighborhood. In addition, the area is attractive to families, with 28 percent of households having children.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

The Southwest Waterfront, although part of the original design of Washington D.C., experienced extensive urban renewal in the 1950s, which led to the redesign of many of the area's buildings and spaces. Recent years have seen increased residential development, with the number of restaurants and shops multiplying, adding to the neighborhood's urban atmosphere. These enhancements, coupled with the variety of public transportation options and the easy access to other locations in D.C., make this area highly appealing to a wide array of tenants. Despite the neighborhood's relative youth compared to other D.C. areas, it boasts a diverse range of activities for residents.

Neighborhood Features

These neighborhoods are actively reinventing themselves, with commercial and entertainment prospects steadily growing. Dining and nightlife options include Navy Yard Metro Center Café, Kruba Thai and Sushi, Potbelly Sandwiches, Cava Mezze DC, Starbucks, 7th Hill Pizza, Station 4, Tortilla Coast, and Cantina Marina. Additionally, Nationals Park and Arena Stage, a renowned regional theater company in D.C., further enrich the area's attractions.

Major Transportation

Navy Yard and Southwest Waterfront both boast impressive public transportation infrastructure that greatly adds to their convenience and appeal. For those residing in Navy Yard, the neighborhood might appear to be slightly more pedestrian-friendly than Southwest Waterfront, but residents in both locales can leverage the growing bike infrastructure and excellent public transportation.

The Waterfront Metro station, part of the Green Line, services the Southwest Waterfront area. Several Metrobus routes, including 74, A9, A42, A46, A48, P6, V7, V8, and W9 also run through the area. Navy Yard is not to be left out, featuring the Navy Yard – Ballpark Metro station, also part of the Green Line. The Metrobus routes serving the Navy Yard area include A9, A42, A46, A48, P6, V7, V8, and V9.

Adding to the transportation options, the D.C. Circulator also makes a stop in the Navy Yard neighborhood, tracing the Union Station – Navy Yard route. Shared transportation options are plentiful with Capital Bikeshare offering bike shares in both neighborhoods, while Zipcar and RelayRides provide access to 10 car shares in Southwest Waterfront and 2 car shares in Navy Yard.

Regarding walkability and ease of transportation, provides insightful ratings. Southwest Waterfront scores a Walk Score of 69, a Transit Score of 77, and a Bike Score of 77, indicating good transit, bikeable layout, and some errands can be accomplished on foot. Navy Yard scores even higher with a Walk Score of 84, a Transit Score of 80, and a Bike Score of 85, indicating it is very walkable, with excellent transit and is very bikeable. These high scores certainly add to the appeal for prospective tenants who value ease of mobility.

Unique Neighborhood Events

The Southwest Waterfront is known for its annual Fireworks Festival, held every April. This event is a significant draw for the community and beyond, offering a day full of cultural entertainment, live music, food, and water-related activities for attendees. It's not only a fun day out but also a testament to the neighborhood's sense of community spirit, further enhancing its appeal to prospective tenants.

From a Landlord's Perspective

Understanding the unique dynamics of the Southwest Waterfront and Navy Yard is essential for property owners. The high renter-occupancy rate signals a strong rental market but also calls for a strategic approach to outperform the competition. Demographic data suggest that potential tenants are likely young professionals or small families. Highlighting the neighborhoods' dynamic cultural scene, convenient amenities, and public transportation options in your property listings can help draw these renters.

Local property management companies can offer a wealth of expertise in navigating this competitive rental landscape. With an in-depth understanding of tenant preferences and local rental trends, these experts can be invaluable in helping landlords maximize their investment return. When selecting a property management company, be sure to consider their experience in the Southwest Waterfront and Navy Yard neighborhoods to ensure they're well-equipped to meet the unique demands of this vibrant community.

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