Property Management in Arlington VA: Living in East Falls Church
Residential Property Management

Property Management in Arlington VA: Living in East Falls Church

Welcome to our exploration of Arlington, Virginia's diverse neighborhoods.

In this series, we spotlight individual neighborhoods, highlighting their unique aspects and residential trends. This article focuses on East Falls Church, a serene residential gem on the western edge of Arlington County, offering valuable insights for residents, prospective homeowners, and curious readers alike.

Facts and Figures

Standing distinct in its residential dynamics, East Falls Church showcases over 76 percent of homes that are owner-occupied and just slightly over 20 percent renter-occupied residences. The community fabric is woven mainly by smaller households, with approximately 55 percent of households housing one or two individuals, while around 36 percent cater to slightly larger configurations of three or four occupants. Family units form a significant portion of this community, making up 64 percent of households, and children contribute to more than 23 percent of the population, infusing the area with youthful energy.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

Offering a compelling blend of suburban peace and accessibility to the dynamism of Washington, D.C., and Arlington's bustling urban neighborhoods, East Falls Church is a gem of a locale. The neighborhood's evolution traces its roots back to the late 1890s when the launch of a streetcar line connecting it to Washington set the stage for its growth. This infrastructure catalyzed the transformation of the area into a thriving residential and business district.

However, the landscape underwent a shift with the construction of I-66, which bisected the neighborhood and led to the demolition of much of the business district. Today, East Falls Church is predominantly residential, characterized by charming, leafy streets adorned with townhouses and single-family homes. The vicinity of the Metro station offers a smattering of restaurants and services, and recent development trends point to new mixed-use projects and high-density housing near the Metro. Future plans envision a vibrant neighborhood center, boasting retail, mixed-use development, and improved pedestrian and bike access.

Neighborhood Features

East Falls Church isn't just about serene residences. It's also home to a delectable selection of dining options like Yayla Bistro, Chasin’ Tails, and La Cote D’Or Cafe. Active residents can enjoy an array of recreational opportunities with several parks in the area, including Benjamin Banneker and Tuckahoe parks, and access to the Washington & Old Dominion and Custis Bike Trails, catering to outdoor enthusiasts and bike commuters. More restaurants and services are just about a mile away in the neighboring Westover area of Arlington and the City of Falls Church.

Major Transportation

While East Falls Church provides good transit service and bike access, it remains a neighborhood where most residents might find owning a car necessary. The East Falls Church station serves as a crucial transit hub, connecting residents to the Orange and Silver lines of the Metro. Arlington Transit and several Metrobus routes also serve the area, ensuring connectivity. Despite a Walk Score of 50, suggesting a car-dependent lifestyle, the Transit Score of 52 and a Bike Score of 68 highlight the varied transportation options available to residents.

Conclusion: A thorough understanding of a neighborhood's unique characteristics is invaluable for landlords and homeowners alike. With its blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility, East Falls Church presents a unique proposition for potential residents.

A partnership with an experienced property management company, well-versed in the nuances of the local market, can help landlords attract the right tenants and optimize their property investment in East Falls Church. By providing comprehensive management services and market insights, such a company can help landlords navigate the complexities of the rental market and make the most of their investments.

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