Key Considerations Before Venturing Into Property Management
Residential Property Management

Key Considerations Before Venturing Into Property Management

Ironically, we—a property management company—are giving you reasons why managing your own property may not be the best idea.

It might seem strange, but trust us, it’s essential to get a full picture from our real-life experiences. Every investor is unique, and not all property owners need the services of a management company. In fact, not every owner is a suitable fit for our company. Thus, we present you with valuable insights so you can make a well-informed decision that's best suited to your specific circumstances.

Our journey began when we were unable to find a company to manage our investments, leading us to create our own residential property management business. We understand the allure of wanting to save on management and leasing fees by self-managing your property, but what are the potential hidden costs and consequences?

Consider a situation where your home requires an improvement or repair. Do you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor? It boils down to your skills. If you are proficient, you might opt to do it yourself. If not, you might give it a shot after watching a few YouTube tutorials. In such cases, there's a significant risk of making a mistake due to a lack of knowledge or experience. For instance, improperly grouting your slate tiles because you didn’t realize the porousness would collect it, leading to an irreversible mess.

The repercussions of such mistakes include wasted supplies, lost time, and the need to start all over, escalating costs. Sometimes, it's wiser and more cost-effective to have a professional do it right from the start.

Why Property Management Companies Can Be Worth the Investment

In the context of property management, having professional support is especially valuable for those who lack knowledge and expertise. Property management companies can shield you from several risks, particularly legal and financial ones. Here are some of the ways in which a professional property management company can simplify and improve the management of your investment property:

  • Exclusive Resources and Tools

Property management companies often have access to specialized resources, tools, and vendors that individual property owners might not. This access can result in savings on repair costs and alleviate the worry of unexpected tenant calls in the middle of the night. You won’t have to interact directly with the tenants or spend time getting quotes for repairs. Your property manager handles it all.

  • Tenant Selection Process

A crucial aspect of property management is selecting the right tenant. Property management companies conduct comprehensive background checks to ensure a seamless rental experience. A poor tenant selection can disrupt your peace and negatively impact your return on investment.

  • Understanding the Leasing and Renewal Process

The leasing and renewal process can be quite confusing for many owners. At our company, we initiate this process 60 days prior to the desired occupancy date, ensuring everything is in order and reducing the chance of a vacant property.

  • Tenant Communications and Legalities

It's essential to understand the legal aspects of tenant communications, including the rights of both parties. If a tenant requests a repair or improvement, knowing your legal obligations can save you from unnecessary expenses. A third-party representative like a property manager can provide legal protection and financial prudence.

Conclusion: Whether you should manage your property yourself or engage a property management company depends on your circumstances and level of expertise. Property management comes with significant responsibilities and challenges. Hence, understanding these implications is key to making the right decision.

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Residential property management
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