Join Gordon James Realty's Agent Referral Program
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Join Gordon James Realty's Agent Referral Program

When a tough market forces sellers to rent out their home or one of your best clients asks for help managing a growing portfolio of investment properties, Gordon James Realty can help.

We offer an agent referral program that rewards you for helping your clients access our expert property management services.

We know your time as a real estate agent is as valuable as your relationships with your clients. Leasing and managing rental properties can eat into your time spent on sales and the resulting commissions. Instead, by referring clients to Gordon James Realty, you can save time and effort, earn a fee, and ensure your clients get the comprehensive, professional leasing and management services they need.

Focus on your core business

Gordon James Realty is a full-time, full-service property management company based in the Washington, D.C. metro region and expanding along the eastern seaboard. By using the latest industry technology and proven management methods, we’re able to market and manage homes efficiently, saving owners time and improving their profitability.

Our agent referral program means you can focus on the core aspects of your business and hand off the daily work of leasing or property management to us, knowing your client will be in expert hands.

We protect and enhance your business

When an owner you referred decides to sell, you can be confident that we will let you know immediately and hand your client back to you. Our company’s sole focus is property management, so we do not solicit sales or listings from referred clients.

Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that allows both of us to grow by focusing on our own areas of expertise. You get the ability to concentrate on closing real estate deals while we handle the details of managing. Our professional services help you increase the loyalty and satisfaction of your clients without all the time-consuming hassles that come with doing the work yourself.

Agent referral fees

Your referral is valuable to us, and we’re happy to pay the following fees for successful referrals*:

  • $350 per property if the owner needs a tenant and property management services.
  • $250 per property if the owner only needs property management.
  • $100 per property if the owner only needs to place a tenant.

*Fees are paid once the client has signed the leasing or management agreement.

In addition, if you have existing property management clients, we offer options to help you get the most benefit from the work you put into cultivating clients while minimizing the time and work involved:

  • We can partner with you. Gordon James Realty can take over the day-to-day management work as agents working on your behalf. We will ensure the highest quality service and communication with your clients, so you don’t have to deal with the details. The signed management contract will clearly name you as the sales agent.
  • We can purchase your property management accounts. If you’re ready to focus on other parts of your business, we can purchase some or all of your accounts.
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