A Guide to Maintenance Requests for Gordon James Realty Tenants
Residential Property Management

A Guide to Maintenance Requests for Gordon James Realty Tenants

As a tenant of Gordon James Realty, your comfort is paramount to us. A crucial aspect of that comfort is residing in a well-maintained property. Therefore, we strive to quickly address any issues or needed repairs, employing experienced, professional contractors to return your home to its optimal condition as swiftly as possible. We've designed our process to make repairs as convenient for you as possible.

24/7 Online Request Submission

You can report non-emergency issues to us around the clock via our user-friendly online request form. We encourage you to provide as much information about the problem as you can while submitting your request. Attaching digital pictures, where applicable, will significantly aid us in diagnosing the issue, ensuring we can dispatch someone to fix it as soon as possible.

Recognizing an Emergency

An issue qualifies as an emergency if it poses an immediate danger to you or the property, such as fire, flooding, an uncontrollable water leak, or the smell of gas. In these cases:

  • For life-threatening situations like fire, please call 911 immediately.
  • For immediate electrical dangers, contact your local electric company straight away.
  • For problems like plumbing backups or flooding, submit a maintenance request instantly and call 202-800-2610 to report the issue. If the situation worsens, dial 911.
  • Please note that loss of air conditioning isn't classified as an emergency. However, we understand its importance, especially during summer, and will prioritize its repair.

Navigating Non-Emergency Situations

In non-emergency situations, we request you to:

  1. Refer to our list of potential problems and solutions below to ascertain if a repair is genuinely necessary.
  2. Once you've confirmed a repair is needed, submit a maintenance request via the online tenant portal. Ensure you provide all relevant details, including the brand, model number, and color for appliance-related issues.
  3. Keep in mind that vendors may not be able to provide immediate service for non-emergency situations. Rest assured, your request is vital to us, and we'll strive to have it resolved promptly.
  4. If you haven't received a response within 48 business hours, please resubmit your request and notify us about the lack of response from the vendor. Gordon James Realty will follow up on the matter and inform you when to expect service.
  5. Please contact us without delay if you're unable to make the scheduled appointment. If you fail to inform us and miss the appointment, you will be charged for the service call.

Post-Repair Concerns

If your issue persists post-repair, please resubmit the maintenance request and note that the problem continues despite recent servicing. A repair done within the past 60 days, or pest control work within the past 30 days, is considered recent. Failure to report ongoing problems could make you responsible for the cost of any further damage.

Troubleshooting Before Submitting Maintenance Request

We recommend you perform these checks before making a maintenance request:

  • Oven not functioning: Make sure the oven isn't set on 'time bake' as it prevents the oven from heating.
  • Air conditioner breakdown: During hot weather, the A/C circuit could become overloaded, tripping the circuit breaker. Check the breaker panel and turn it fully off and on again.
  • Garbage disposal issues: Check if the reset button on the disposal needs pressing. If something is stuck, use a broom handle to free the object with the disposal turned off.
  • Electrical outage: Press the test/reset button on GFCI (Ground fault interrupter) outlets if you're experiencing power issues in the kitchen, bathroom, or patio.
  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers: Ensure your circuits aren't overloaded and distribute appliances drawing heavy power across multiple circuits.
  • Non-functioning smoke alarm: Replace the batteries, which is the tenant's responsibility. If the new battery doesn't work, submit a maintenance request.


Please note that charges may apply under the following circumstances:

  • No repair is needed after a service call, or the issue is resolved simply, e.g., resetting a tripped breaker or changing batteries in smoke detectors.
  • The oven is in good working condition but was set to 'time bake'.
  • Tenant-induced sewer clogs from inappropriate items being flushed.
  • Damage resulting from unreported necessary repairs.
  • Missed repair appointments resulting in vendor service call charges.
  • Damages caused by tenants' pets or guests.
  • Damage or flooding due to open windows or doors during adverse weather.
For non-emergency issues, we monitor online maintenance requests during regular business hours. You should generally receive a response or hear from a vendor within 24-48 hours. If you don't, please directly email our office for an update. For after-hours emergencies, call 202-800-2610.

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